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Ristorante I Portici
Ristorante I Portici
Ristorante I Portici
Ristorante I Portici

I Portici Restaurant

I Portici Restaurant, a Star in the gastronomy scenario of Bologna, is the contemporary expression of a great creative kitchen and care for quality ingredients, our chef Agostino Iacobucci.

The restaurant is located inside the Eden-Kursaal Theatre.

Agostino Iacobucci, awarded with one Michelin star at the Cantinella restaurant in Naples, brings some elements of the Mediterranean cuisine from his homeland to Bologna. This is the reason why his culinary experience is able to harmoniously blend tastes and aromas of the Emilian and Campanian tradition.

The precious details chosen to enhance the atmosphere of the place, such as oil candles, crystal ware, silverware, fine porcelain ware and linen fabrics, together with a flawless service managed by Maître Ambrogio Luiselli, make this restaurant a unique grey and white shaded ambience: a continuum from contemporary to romantic style.

The Restaurant takes care of its guests: they are the protagonists of a “sensorial journey” in which sight and taste are pleasantly satisfied.

The wine selection by the Maître and Sommelier Nicola Cuccato features the best Italian, French, and German products.

The Restaurant, with its 40 seats, is only open at dinner time. It is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

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Ristorante I PorticiRistorante I Portici