Carpe Diem


Palazzo Fava


The first anthological exhibition of the Chinese artist Zhang Dali: over two hundred works about the transformations and contradictions of contemporary China through a dialogue with the city and its inhabitants.



“All my works have a close relationship with the reality that surrounds me”, this is what Zhang Dalione of the most famous Chinese contemporary artist says. To him Fondazione Carisbo and Genus Bononiae - City Museums dedicate the exhibition Meta-Morphosis at Palazzo Fava.

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Painter, sculptor, performer, photographer, Zhang Dali is defined a street artist for his irreducible will to look for a dialogue with all the elements that permeate the urban space. In Bologna, where he lived from ’89 to ’95 after the Tiananmen protests, he discovered graffiti, an art form that he took back to China, becoming its forerunner. 

Through the dialogue with the city and its inhabitants, his art tells about the historical, social and economical transformations that occurred in China these past thirty years. His artworks, on show and collected by the most important museums and galleries all over the world, are the result of his deeply humane gaze.

His artistic production is on show in nine sections, including over 220 pieces of sculpture, painting, photography, and installation, ranging over his massive artistic production.

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