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Emanuele Petrosino

Emanuele Petrosino was born in Aprilia, in the province of Latina, on December 6, 1986.

From a very early age, he cultivated his passion for cooking, first learning the culinary secrets of his family and then choosing the profession of a chef in roles of increasing responsibility. He perfected his training during long internships at the courts of great chefs, above all in multi-starred restaurants at La Rochelle Coutanceau (France) and at Piazza Duomo in Alba (Cuneo).

In 2012 he became Sous-Chef for the first time at the Michelin star Taverna Estia in Brusciano (Naples) for a year, and then, still as sous chef, he arrived at I Portici Restaurant in Bologna, where he deepened his knowledge and experimented with Emilian culinary traditions for two years.

He dedicates his talent to the double-starred Danì Maison of Ischia (Naples) with the chef Nino Di Costanzo, with whom he further perfects his cooking techniques and acquires great rigor in the use of raw materials; qualities that have set him to return to I Portici Restaurant, to cover the most prestigious position of Executive Chef.

In 2019, Emanuele Petrosino confermed the Michelin Star and was awarded as Young Chef Michelin 2019.

The chef knows how to blend innate creativity with first class technique, combined with a deep knowledge of the ingredients. His dishes are palettes of flavors, modern and irresistible. The balance created by the combinations enhances every single ingredient, but also allows you to enjoy the incredible overall harmony. The latter is the result of the encounter between the freshness and the vivacity of the Mediterranean cuisine, and the solidity of the traditional Emilian gastronomy.

The richness and the sensory amplitude of the composition are the distinctive characteristics of his cooking philosophy, which is based on a mix of research, technique and enhancement of raw materials.