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I Portici Hotel Bologna

Interior design, colours, lights, fragrances, art, food and fabrics: these are the aspects which so heterogeneously make up the interiors of the I Portici Hotel Bologna and create a refined and suggestive atmosphere, providing guests with a new experience, full of discovery and charm, involving all five senses.

On entering I Portici, guests feel welcomed by a place where the elegant atmospheres of Palazzo Maccaferri Art Nouveau coexist with the minimalist style chosen to carefully furnish the interiors, enhanced by major works of Italian and international designers such as Stark, Kartell, Frau, Poliform, Minotti and Viabizzuno.


The sensorial experience continues and is amplified thanks to interiors of incredible charm, such as the I Portici Restaurant inside the late 19th century Eden Theatre, the old Ice House of Rocca di Galliera, the Imperial Suite, the Lounge Bar, the “La Terrazza” Bistrot, capable of conveying onlookers and those who experience them towards a new dimension. A comprehensive hospitality concept reflecting a lifestyle, aesthetic features and functionality which integrate the modern “luxury” ideal to perfection: comfort and essential relaxation without foregoing refined details and impeccable guest service.


And then we have the rich art collection, the big events and the live music and theatre performances and shows which bring the I Portici Hotel Bologna to life. These follow a consistent and harmonious project capable of enriching the personal experience of each individual guest.

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