Ex-ice house

Portici hotel bologna

Ice house of Palazzo Maccaferri

The large storage facility formed part of the complex known as Rocca di Galliera (Galliera fortress) or Castello dei Papi (literally “castle of the popes”), erected and torn down five times by the Bolognese. Part of the last construction works in the sixteenth century, it was merged with the palace of the Maccaferri family, built in 1906. Of great historical importance are the many underground passages running around the ice-house, dug and used as a private refuge during the last war.

The stunning 1899 theatre has been completely restored. Today the building is the elegant and prestigious "I Portici Hotel", thanks to its current owner.

Associazione Amici delle Vie d'Acqua e dei Sotterranei di Bologna


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Portici hotel bolognaPortici hotel bolognaPortici hotel bologna