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Agostino Iacobucci

Agostino Iacobucci was born in Castellammare di Stabia, near Naples, on September 7 1980. Led by his passion for gastronomy and for quality products, he has successfully followed the path of this job, with an increasing responsibility within the kitchen crew. In 2010 he was awarded the first Michelin star at the La Cantinella restaurant in Naples, where he has worked as the first chef from October 2009 to March 2012. With the 2013 Michelin Star to I Portici Restaurant, his talent has now been proved in Bologna as well.

His ability in blending the respect for tradition and the search for new creativity makes him enhance the value of excellent products, from fish to cheese, from extra virgin olive oil to first fruits, guaranteeing the satisfaction of his customers and obtaining the acknowledgement of his talent by the most important National and International gastronomic guides and by the magazines of the sector. 

The passion for his job and the love for good recipes date back to his childhood, when he spent his Sundays with his family at his aunt’s restaurant, near to Castellammare.

This is where Agostino started thinking about and creating his own future, which will lead him to the Taverna Diciotto in Vico Equense and to La Cantinella in Naples, finally getting to the I Portici restaurant in Bologna.

In the capital town of Emilia Romagna, the chef will continue using the distinguishing ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine, selecting and choosing its best cooking expressions for a perfect blend with the great heritage of the tradition of Emilia, to be offered to the demanding, but open-minded, customers of I Portici.

On the wake of the most recent gastronomy trends, featuring balanced contaminations of matches and tastes, together with the corner stones of the Petronian tradition, at I Portici one can try new recipes which are actually challenging and evocative to the senses, enhancing the artistry of the chef and the careful selection of excellent raw materials, especially fish, shellfish and season vegetables. 


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